# filename: Linux_Installation_Steps_20110220.txt # version: 20110220 # OS: Linux, Fedora Core 14, 64-bit installation. # Computer: Older HP laptop, CPU:duo-core 3GHz, Mem:2GB, HDD:80GB. # ROOT: root login not allowed, log in as regular user, open terminal session, # then enter: su - root then root password. # Sound: MoBo works for output, but won't decode the input. Suggest USB sound FOB. # Note: Doesn't so GMSK repeater yet. GMSK fails to compile. I don't have a GMSK board, probably missing required files. # Currently all but the GMSK compile and run (GUI versions) with no errors. # I haven't configured the ircDDB yet but it does run. # Process to install PC_Repeater_Controller and required support programs # Download: # portaudio # wxWidgets 2.8.11 # natools # pc_repeater_controller # Uncompress all above # OS: Fedora Core 14 w/all updates. # pkgs: gcc compiler, c & c++/cpp libs & dev. # open terminal session su - root password cd /home/jim/Downloads/portaudio/pa_stable_v19_20071207/portaudio/ ./configure make make install ldconfig cd /home/jim/Downloads/wxWidgets-2.8.11/ ./configure make make install ldconfig # natools * 64-bit * cd /home/jim/Downloads/natools/natools-1.0.14-x86_64/ # copy files to correct destinations: cd audio cp *.bin /usr/local/bin/ cd .. cd bin64 cp * /usr/local/bin/ cd .. cd lib64 cp lib* /usr/local/lib/ cd .. # natools * 32-bit * cd /home/jim/Downloads/natools/natools-1.0.14-i386/ # copy files to correct destinations: # cd audio # cp *.bin /usr/local/bin/ # cd .. # cd bin # cp * /usr/local/bin/ # cd .. cd lib cp lib* /usr/local/lib/ cd .. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib cd /home/jim/Downloads/PC_Repeater_Controller/Beta/Repeater-20110219a/ # ****************************************************************** # * edit makefile first and change it from AMD to Intel processor. * # * edit makefile - comment out all references to GMSKrepeater. * # ****************************************************************** # ./configure make make install ldconfig cd .. # Permissions to use log files as a user other than root. This allows any user to access these files. chmod 777 /var/log/AnalogueRepeater.log chmod 777 /var/log/DExtraGateway.log chmod 777 /var/log/DStarRepeater.log chmod 777 /var/log/GMSKRepeater.log <<<< not sure, hasn't built yet. chmod 777 /var/log/ParrotController.log Notes: Might want to create a "repeater" group / user to run the repeater. create group 'repeater' add user(s) to group 'repeater' might want/need to change own/exe status of repeater stuff to 'repeater' group. # Executables analoguerepeater [-nolog] [-gui] [config name] (default log: /var/log/AnalogueRepeater.log) analoguerepeaterd [-nolog] [config name] dextragateway [-nolog] [-gui] [config name] (default log: /var/log/DExtraGateway.log) dextragatewayd [-nolog] [config name] dstarrepeater [-nolog] [-gui] [config name] (default log: /var/log/DStarRepeater.log) dstarrepeaterd [-nolog] [config name] gmskrepeater [-nolog] [-gui] [config name] (default log: /var/log/GMSKRepeater.log ???) gmskrepeaterd [-nolog] [config name] parrotcontroller [-nolog] [-gui] [config name] (default log: /var/log/ParrotController.log) parrotcontrollerd [-nolog] [config name] # ******************** # ** icDDBGateway ** # ******************** cd /home/jim/Downloads/ircDDBGateway_Jonathan/Beta/ircDDBGateway-20110219/ # Edit "makefile" before compiling to select Pentium instead of AMD CPU. # ./configure make make install ldconfig # start ircDDBGateway with GUI updates enabled. ircddbgateway -gui