PCREPEATERCONTROLLER SOFTWARE BUILD. 7/31/2010 I see that hams interested in this software are having a hard time building this program, especially the one using Centos5.5 and here are my 2 cents I must tell you folks that, I am not a professional when it comes to linux and most of its many different distros, I've become somewhat proficient at using Redhat based distros, such as Centos, Fedora etc. Please feel free to make corrections to this text file to correct any boo boos . I am only doing this to help hams. I need to say that I've only done this for the analoguerepeater controller portion of the software and not the DstarRepeater but the same steps can be followed to build the software. CENTOS USERS For Centos Users, you must manually download the software required as stated in the BUILD.txt file as well as installing the C++ compilers and USB libraries. to Download WXwidgetsand Portaudio just open Firefox and go to the respective websites and download the suggested files.. by default firefox downloads them to the Desktop unless you configured FF to save files in a different Directory/Folder. Of course, you will also need to download the pcrepeatercontroller files from the group. Once you download the software you have to unzip it and untar them both. gunzip Wxwidgets. X.X ... tar xvf Wxwidgets.X.X... do the same steps for Portaudio. Move tho their respective directories and do one at time make install Before you move on building pcrepeatercontroller you must ensure that the USB library is installed as well as a compatible compiler and automake. In the Command console or Terminal type, the following. (these two are not installed by default in centos) Yum install -y libusb then yum install -y gcc-c++ yum install make automake if you get any errors stating that it cant find it then search for it to get the correct file name yum search libusb yum search gcc-c++ yum search make or automake once that is installed then you begin building the program/software. Navigate to the folder/directory pcrepeatercontroller and CD to either analogue or Dstar . Run the following. (I cannot remember which of the following steps take a long to compile, be patient.) ./configure and if all goes well and get no errors then type make install, (might want to run "ldd analoguerepeater" afterwards to make sure that all symbolic links were created) after the software has been compiled and installed you will have and executable file for both the analoguerepeater as well as the analoguerepeaterConfig in their respective folders. you have to run the ./AnalogueRepeaterConfig inside its own folder to put in your personal repeater information and then CD to the AnalogueRepeater folder to run the program by typing ./analoguerepeater As far Fedora distros are concerned, these steps should work too, I have not checked the repos to see if the WXwidget and PortAudio are included there which would would make install easier. I have not tried building this software in other Linux distros such as the debian based UBUNTU. At this time I am Inviting all other hams that are proficient in Linux to add or correct this document so other hams can benefit from it. ki6lnx